Famous fashion designers in the world today

Everybody admire a supermodel, however, on the other hand the true stars of a show are the dresses, which they are wearing along with all those people who are behind its designing. They are the finest designers in the world. Some of the top most fashion designers today are mention below:

  1. Calvin Klein
    If anyone sees the alphabets or logo, then immediately everyone automatically starts thinking of the one and the only Calvin Klein. Mr. Calvin Klein began his business by means of a coat shop that was in the York Hotel in Big Apple in the year 1968. After that, slowly his collection consisted of the understated, coats, yet hip as well as clothing. From an initial investment of $10,000, Calvin Klein has extended his style statement into the virtual empire by designing everything as of the expensive clothing to the accessories, as well. 
  2. Donatella Versace
    She is none other but the sister of Mr. Gianni Versace. Moreover, she has proved herself towards being a no lesser as a sibling. She put Versace’s identity to a new height. She ensured that Versace showrooms should cater in the various fashion designing centers all around the planet, especially New York and Milan.
  3. Valentino Garavani
    In the year of 1959, when Valentino Garavani began his career as a designer, he created his self fashion designing house in the Rome. Valentino, on the other hand, became popular in favor of creating all the dresses.
  4. Giorgio Armani
    This classy Italian fashion designer that made the famous Batman looks elegant and chic while the superhero, himself took a break as of fighting with the Joker in the film called “The Dark Knight”. A lot of Sportsmen have been taking a liking on behalf of the Armani fashion designs, nowadays. Moreover, by means of the Chelsea Football Club that is commissioning the Italian in not only designing the jerseys of its footballers, but to make the cloths for the directors in the football gallery, as well.

Whatever style approaches to one’s mind, they will definitely draw that, as well as the world shall follow, as well. These people are genuinely the real trendsetters of the world. They are among those persons whose creativity shall lead towards all the latest fashion and style trends that are to be worn through the celebrities, socialites as well as the models.

A day in a dense jungle

When Joel, Mark and me met after seven long years, we wanted to do something that would last in our memories for years. We were real good friends and used to spend a lot of in the company of each other when we were young. We used to go on road trips without planning it in advance. Those days were real fun and we wished to recreate all the happiness when we were together after a real long time. It was Mark who came up with the idea. He told that if we drive west for around 100 miles, we would reach a place which is surrounded by a dense forest. He said that there are no dangerous animals in the jungle but the experience at night would be amazing. Joel and I seconded the thought. We started our car and drove towards the place.

 Our car was packed with food, drinks, lights and materials required to build a tent in the forest. Joel had gone on such a trip years ago with some other guys and hence he knew all about the materials that were required to make our stay in the jungle hassle free. We reached an uninhabited area which was the farthest distance that our car could take us, which was closest to our destination.

We parked the vehicle and started trekking carrying our backpacks. We were wearing caps that had searchlights to see our path. We walked for about one hour and all the three of us were real tired. There was amazing silence around us for a long duration. We could hear some animals that broke the silence for a short while after which the silence was back. It was a splendid experience.

The huge trees that were around us did provide a pleasant feeling. The cool breeze was even more enjoyable when it touched the leaves of the huge trees. We luckily spotted a tree house close to where we were resting.  It should have been built by some of the previous visitors. We climbed up the clinging ladder and reached the top. The view from there was not much different because of the darkness that covered the forests.

We could however find a good place to spend the night.

We had some food and dozed off. Sun hit the eyes and we all woke up. We got up and took a look around us. There are no words that could explain the beautiful scenes that were in front of us. We could see greenery all around us. There were lots of monkeys and deer just few feet away from us. We got down from the tree house and moved around in the forest enjoying the beauty of nature. There were water streams that ran through the middle of the water. We spend some time splashing the water and capturing some beautiful snaps.

When we returned home, all of us were excited to share our experience with our families. It was one of the most memorable trips ever in my life!

How pencil drawing is an integral part of every art gallery?

The origin of pencil drawing for artwork can be traced back to around the 17th and 18th century. Today, sketch drawing is a specialized representation that is highly regarded. If you visit a gallery, there is more chance of coming across paintings than pencil drawings but still this form of art has created its own special place. 

Most artists who don’t rely upon sketch drawings think that the lack of color takes reality and beauty out of this art form. You can understand the importance of the black and white work of sketch drawings from the following example. 

There is a painting tradition in China, where they paint apples with different color and ripeness. They use black ink, dilute it to proper level and use it to color the apples. They create an illusion using different shades of green, pink and read on each one of the apple. It is this power of black and white color that can help in depicting other colors that makes sketch drawing an innovative creation for fine gallery. 

One of the main reason most performers don’t use pencils is because they are not relatively permanent and have neutral character. Therefore, most performers prefer to perform their creation using permanent media and enhance the work using pastels, gouache and watercolors. But, this piece of art has been used extensively for making initial sketches because it is easy to erase. Today, most of the performers who create drawing gallery works use pencil to start their representation designs. 

This piece of art may seem to be one of the simplest tools for drawing. But, this simple tool gives you a wide range of techniques to work around with. Shading is a technique where artists “color” dark areas with the pencil in the same way they would do with crayons. Stippling is another method of displaying shadows with dots. In this technique, the darker areas have dots placed more closely.

With so many options and techniques available, today it is no surprise to find pencil drawings as an important part of fine painting gallery. But, the options available with pencil drawing are not just limited to these. The more you explore the more new techniques you can find. In addition, there are different methods of making lines with these. You can draw a line with just a long and single stroke of it. 

Lines can also be made using a technique known as scritching. In this process a line is created using different strokes that are joined together. This process helps in creating raw but softer lines that are ideal for giving unique feature to the human face. 

Exploring the names of the masters in sketch drawing will give you an indication of how important this art form has come to become. Some of these names include Jean-Auguste Ingres, Pablo Picasso, Waster Osborne and John Constable. The works of these great performers can be explored in the best art gallery around the world.